Injecting Insulin Properly

24th September 2021

The insulin injecting technique is very important. Insulin is effective only if administered properly.

injecting insulin with an insulin pen
  • The usual site of injection is the abdomen. Other sites where injection may be given like the outer thigh, back of the arms, flanks, and buttocks region.
  • The needle should be inserted at a 90-degree angle to the skin and held in place for 5-10 seconds then pull out to prevent leakage of insulin. Insulin injection is given in subcutaneous fat to delay its absorption and slow release. With long needles, an injection can be given at 45 degrees to the skin to avoid injecting into muscle accidentally. Shallow injections in the skin (intradermal) are painful and cause redness at the injection site.

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  • Rotation of the injection site is important. Shift in a circle always 1-2 cm away from the previous injection site. Repeated injections at the same site cause lipohypertrophy or scar formation which forms a depot, inhibiting the absorption of insulin and sometimes resulting in the random release of insulin which causes early post-meal hyperglycemia and delayed hypoglycemia.
  • Inject 2 inches away from the navel as blood supply is richer close to the navel area.
  • Prime the pen before injecting insulin. Draw 1-2 units of insulin and inject it into the air to fill up the needle or flick the pen to remove air bubbles.

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