White Nails or Nail Bed Changes

25th September’2021

Changes in nail color may result from a color change in the nail plate or in the nail bed.

DiseasesClinical changes
AnemiaDiffuse white
Arsenic Mees’lines -Transverse white lines
CirrhosisTerry’s nails-Most of the nails, Narrow zone of pink at the distal end
Congenital leukonychiaSyndrome of leukonychia, knuckle pads,
Deafness; isolated finding; partial white
Darier’s diseaseLongitudinal white streaks
Half and half nailsProximal white and distal pink; Azotemia
High fevers (some diseases)Transverse white lines
HypoalbuminemiaMuehrcke ‘s lines -Stationary paired transverse bands
HypocalcemiaVariable white
MalnutritionDiffuse white
PellagraDiffuse milky white
Punctate leukonychiaCommon white spots
Tinea and yeastVariable patterns
Thallium toxicity(rat poison)Variable white
TraumaRepeated manicure: Transverse striations
Zinc deficiencyDiffuse white

References: Clinical dermatology by Thomas P. Habif

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