Glycemic Index Chart for Common Food

1st October’2021

Glycemic index (GI) or glycemic load (GL) is an important factor that diabetic patients and patients with risk of having diabetes should apply in their daily selection of carbohydrates foods. Food with a lower glycemic index should be selected. GI ranks the carbohydrates according to how quickly they are breakdown and release glucose during digestion. GI values are calculated after research on carbohydrates. Food with low glycemic index breakdown slowly and release glucose gradually while food with high glycemic index breakdown fast and release glucose quickly. The Glycemic index does not tell the total content of carbohydrates in food. To calculate the number of carbohydrates in a portion size glycemic load is worked out by a formula.


Glycemic Load = Glycemic index × g of Carbohydrates in a serving / 100

GI values are generally divided into three categories

  • Low glycemic index: less than 55
  • Medium glycemic index: 56-69
  • High glycemic index: 70 and higher


Low GI (Less than 55), Medium GI (56-69), and High GI (70 and more)

Grains & StarchesGIVegetablesGIFruitsGIDairyGILentils, Nuts & OthersGI
Macaroni47Pumpkin75Litchi50Soy Milk30Walnuts15
White Rice(Boiled)89Carrots16Orange42Whole Milk27Kidney Beans41
Brown Rice(Boiled)55Beetroot64Persimmon50Skimmed Milk32Peanuts14
Spaghettis White (Boiled)55 Green Peas48Mango56Fat-Free Milk32Lentils41
Whole Wheat71Cucumber15Grapes46Yogurt14Chickpeas33
Oatmeal58Tomato15Pineapple66Low-Fat Yogurt14Beef5
White Bread100Broccoli15Apple38Custard35Turkey5
Cornflakes84Asparagus15Banana62Butter0Boiled Eggs10
Sweet Corn54Spinach15Dates100Cheese0Black-eyed Beans50
All Bran Cereals38Lettuce15Peaches42Plain Ice Cream61Yellow Split Beans32
Barley25Artichoke15Guava32Chocolate Milk35Cashew32
Millet71Summer Squash15Avocado40
Sugar(Sucrose)68Sweet Potatoes61Watermelon72
Maple Syrup54Peppers15Figs35
Sorghum Syrup50Zucchini15Straw Berries35
Brown Sugar65Soybeans16Coconut45
Maltose105Potatoes white (Boiled)63Raspberries30
Semolina64Potato Chips51Apricots57
Doughnut76Brussel Sprouts6Grapefruits25
Corn Syrup75Mushrooms 10Raisins64
Galactose25Red Pepper10Cantaloupe65
Passion fruit26

Variations in testing methods, reporting resources, GI Scales, and ingredients may produce different values.


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