What to see while buying a best home blood pressure monitor

July 19, 2022

Hypertension does not cause any symptoms usually. The diagnosis, classification, and treatment of blood pressure depend on the measurement of accurate blood pressure. Blood pressure keeps changing with many factors, such as, activity, any discomfort, background noise, unfamiliar surroundings, and even at different times of the day. Knowing the average blood pressure value for a week or a month is better for correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Digital home blood pressure monitors are very convenient and easy to use. They do not need much training and give a more or less accurate reading. You can take Blood Pressure anywhere, anytime. The device must be suitable for your need. Before buying a reliable device one should know what to look for in a good monitor. The following features one must consider while buying a good BP monitor.

Cuff size

Cuff size is the most important feature to see while buying a Blood Pressure monitor. Cuff should be an exact fit. Cuffs that are shorter give an inaccurate reading. Most monitors come with a standard-sized cuff. The cuff length recommended by American Heart Association is 80% of arm circumference (More than two third of the arm, or almost long enough to encircle the arm) and the width 40% of the arm circumference. Some monitors come with a universal cuff that fits most arms. Some provide an extra cuff too for a large-sized arm. You can buy cuffs separately too. Self-fitting or wide range D-ring cuffs are better.

Paramed Blood Pressure Monitor – Bp Machine –

Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff 8.7 – 15.7 inches – Large LCD Display, 120 Sets Memory – Device Bag & Batteries Included

Arm monitors or a wrist monitor

Arm BP monitors are more accurate than the wrist monitors. Wrist monitors are smaller and more portable and easy to carry on the go. Generally, Older people greater than 50 years old should choose arm monitors. Wrist monitors are fine for younger people. They are useful if there is some injury in the upper arm or the arm is too large for the cuff. Some people especially children feel discomfort while putting on an arm cuff. While taking BP with wrist monitors you have to raise your arm and bring the cuff at the level of the heart. If the arm is not raised then the reading will not be accurate


Most are generally accurate. One should remember that even the best monitor can give an error reading if not used properly. Check against the office monitors once a year. Some monitors are clinically validated by FDA or meet VDL (validated device listing) criteria of clinical accuracy. Health officials trust readings taken by these devices.

Ease of use

Some monitors have backlit screens and large digits displays. They are simple and user-friendly. The direction for operating the monitor should be clear. Big single buttons for effortless operation are a good option. Some monitors give dual LCD reading. It lets you compare your current blood pressure value with the previous reading.


A good digital BP monitor comes for around $40-75. Check to see if your insurance company covers it. High-tech blood pressure monitors cost around $200.

Number of Users

Some digital BP monitors are for two, or four, and some are for multiple users. Monitors store the readings for each user separately and calculate the average value. Consider this feature If you need to monitor the Blood Pressure of more than two households. Most monitors that connect with the app, allow multiple users with unlimited storage.

Extra features

Some monitors come with extra features, such as risk category indication, detection of irregular heartbeat, position alert, alarm reminder, Writing notes, voice broadcasts, and relaxation mode. Relaxation mode plays music to keep you relaxed while taking BP. Some smart monitors have artificial intelligence-enabled ECG capability. It records ECG and tells if there is any problem.


Different monitors have different storage capacities.

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Easy to Use Smart Upper Bluetooth Arm Cuff.

App-enabled for iOS, Android, Apple Watch. FSA/HSA eligible.

Bluetooth connectivity

Some wireless smart monitors connect to a smart device via Bluetooth or wifi and record blood pressure readings in a dedicated app. The app can store unlimited readings for multiple users, make charts and graphs, and give health suggestions. Data can be shared with family or a treating physician.

Triple measurements

This is an extra feature. Some blood pressure monitors take three readings within ten minutes and calculate the average.

Power option

Many digital Monitors use simple alkaline or lithium ions batteries. Some come with a power adapter then you do not have to worry about changing batteries when they are about to finish. Most monitors work for months without the need for a change of the batteries. You can also buy an AC adapter separately if the monitor can work with the adapter too. Make sure not to use batteries and adapter together. Remove the batteries while using an adapter. Batteries are a better option when you are traveling.


Most manufacturers give a 2-3 years warranty. Some give up to 6 years.

Omron M4 HEM-7155T-EBK Plus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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