18 December 2021 Itch Mite Overview Scabies is a highly irritant contagious skin infestation caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei or Itch Mite. The female Itch Mite burrows tunnels in the outer layer of skin feeds and lays eggs, which causes intense itching with characteristic erythematous papular skin rash having characteristic distribution on hands and … Continue reading Scabies

Nail Disorders

25th September'2021 Nails not only have their own problems but also may be affected by many systemic diseases. They provide some guide to the likely cause. If the abnormality is widespread and symmetrical, it is more likely to have an endogenous than an exogenous explanation. Nails can be affected by infections, trauma, tumors of nails, … Continue reading Nail Disorders

Color Changes of Nails

25th September'2021 Changes in nail color may result from a color change in the nail plate or in the nail bed. EtiologyPatterns of color changeBROWN NAILSAntimalarial drugsDiffuse blue, brownCancer chemotherapeutic agentsTransverse black bandsHyperbilirubinemiaDiffuse brownJunctional neviLongitudinal brown bandsMalnutritionDiffuse brown or black bandsMelanocyte stimulating hormone oversecretionAddison's diseaseCushing's disease (after adrenalectomy)Pituitary tumorLongitudinal brown bandsMelanomaLongitudinal bands may increase with … Continue reading Color Changes of Nails

White Nails or Nail Bed Changes

25th September'2021 Changes in nail color may result from a color change in the nail plate or in the nail bed. DiseasesClinical changesAnemiaDiffuse whiteArsenic Mees'lines -Transverse white linesCirrhosisTerry's nails-Most of the nails, Narrow zone of pink at the distal endCongenital leukonychiaSyndrome of leukonychia, knuckle pads,Deafness; isolated finding; partial whiteDarier's diseaseLongitudinal white streaksHalf and half nailsProximal … Continue reading White Nails or Nail Bed Changes


24th September'2021 Structure of a nail Parts of a fingernail The nail is an important skin appendage. It has several important functions. It protects the distal digit, improves fine touch sensation, and enhances aesthetic appearance. It also assists in grasping, scratching, and grooming. In animals, nails act as a tool for cutting, stabbing, or digging … Continue reading Nails

Terminology used in skin diseases

June 6, 2021 Identification and classification of a patient's skin lesions are important steps in the diagnosis of any skin disorder. Few simple terms can be used to describe the cutaneous findings in most skin diseases. Macule / Patch: A flat circumscribed area of discoloration 0.5 cm or less is a macule. More than 0.5cm … Continue reading Terminology used in skin diseases