Analogs of Insulin

Native or regular insulin molecules self-associate as hexamers in an aqueous solution at a neutral PH and this aggregation slows absorption following subcutaneous injection. The onset of action is slow 30-60 minutes, long duration of the peak of 2-4 hours so it can cause postprandial hyperglycemia and late hypoglycemia.


October 30, 2021 Types of Insulins Insulin is a polypeptide hormone made up of 51 amino acids. It is a key player in the intermediary metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Insulin is called a hormone of abundance. It is secreted after a meal when there is an abundance of nutrients, especially carbohydrates. It organizes … Continue reading Insulin

Glycemic Index Chart for Common Food

1st October'2021 Glycemic index (GI) or glycemic load (GL) is an important factor that diabetic patients and patients with risk of having diabetes should apply in their daily selection of carbohydrates foods. Food with a lower glycemic index should be selected. GI ranks the carbohydrates according to how quickly they are breakdown and release glucose … Continue reading Glycemic Index Chart for Common Food

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

1ST OCTOBER '2021 Glycemic load gl formula and an apple. Glycemic index and glycemic load are important factors that diabetic patients and patients with risk of having diabetes should apply in their daily selection of carbohydrate food. Food with a lower glycemic index is a good choice. Glycemic index is a number from 0 to … Continue reading Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

Insulin Pump

September 1, 2021 Insulin Pump Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) through a pump provides an alternative means of delivering insulin. It is the most physiological method of delivering insulin. It provides continuous subcutaneous delivery of short-acting insulin infusion (Lispro or Aspart) all day long and replaces the need for multiple daily injections in diabetics, especially … Continue reading Insulin Pump

Continuous Glucose Monitors

AUGUST 22, 2021 Continuous Glucose Monitors Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs are small wearable devices for type-1 and 2 diabetes that provide real-time continuous blood glucose monitoring that automatically tracks blood glucose levels throughout the day and night. Diabetic patients are asked to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels. Many factors such as food intake, … Continue reading Continuous Glucose Monitors

Obesity and Body mass index

August 9, 2021 Obesity implies the excess storage of body fats. The degree of obesity is assessed by comparison with the ideal weight for height, the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is calculated by using a simple formula: BMI=kg/m2 Where kg is a person's weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in meters squared. … Continue reading Obesity and Body mass index